Flight Instructor Status

How to become a Flight Instructor at SSF.

You must read, understand and agree to the following information.

A Flight Instructor is required to:

  1) Follow the Safety Rules of the club.
  2) Follow the Flight Training Program guidelines.
  3) Fill out a Flight Data Report (FDR) for each Flight Training Session.
  4) Log a Flight Plan for each flight and include a Flight Debriefing for each flight.
  5) Take responsibility of the aircraft and the flight path of the student before each training flight.
  6) Maintain sight of the aircraft at all times during a training flight.
  7) Re-take control of the aircraft before it is out of the flight area or below a safe recovery altitude for you.
  8) In the event of a crash or landing that results in the aircraft needing repair it should be noted on the FDR.   
  9) File the Flight Data Report at the end of the flight training session.
10) Notify the Safety Officer if you need help with training a Student Pilot.
11) Notify the Safety Officer if you have any questions about the Flight Training Program.
12) Flight training without Instructor Pilot status is not recommended.
13) Flight training without Instructor Pilot status if there are more than two pilots at the field is prohibited.

Having Instructor Pilot status at SSF should not be taken lightly.
Any SSF Pilot having received "Instructor Pilot" status will be expected to follow the Flight Training Program 
guidelines, assist (when possible) the Safety Officer as well as other Instructor Pilots with regard to the Flight 
Training Program. The Instructor Pilot status is awarded by the Safety Officer. A Instructor Pilot can have their 
Instructor Pilot status placed on hold or it can be revoked.

Sign / date this page with a written request to the SSF Safety Officer asking to receive Instructor Pilot Status.
You will then meet with the Safety Officer to review the Flight Training Program guidelines. 
When you are ready, You must perform a check out training flight where you will be the Pilot in command and 
the Safety Officer will be the Student Pilot.
At the conclusion of the flight you will be asked if you wish to proceed with obtaining Instructor Pilot Status.
If the answer is "Yes" then you will be asked to make another training flight. Only this time you will be in total 
control without input from the Safety Officer. You will be expected to take control of the flight and follow the 
Flight Training Program guidelines. Once you achieved Instructor Pilot status, you will be placed on a list. 
When a member request flight training you may be contacted by the Safety Officer to review a flight training 
request. You will be given the option to except or decline the request. It is up to you. In the event all Instructor 
Pilots decline a training request. The Safety Officer will except and train the member.

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