Flight Training Request Form

If you are a new club member or a club member that wants to improve your flying skills, the SSF Flight Training (PDF version Here)
Program may be able to help you.

How to make a request for flight training at SSF.

You must read, understand and agree to the following information.

The Training Pilot is required to:

  1) Be a SSF club member in good standing.
  2) Follow the Flight Training Program guidelines.
  3) Know and follow the Safety Rules of the club.
  4) Fly only aircraft that are approved for flight training by your Active Instructor.
  5) Follow the advice / instructions of the Flight Instructor.
  6) Notify the Safety Officer if the Instructor is unable to answer questions relating to the flight training program.
  7) First time pilots, The Flight Instructor is here to help you to Solo.
      "When you are ready to solo" is based on your flight performance.
  8) Flight training without Instructor Pilot status is not recommended.
  9) Flight training without Instructor Pilot status if there are more than two pilots at the field is prohibited.

Sign / date this page with a written request to the SSF Safety Officer asking to receive flight instruction.
You will then meet with the Safety Officer at which time your training needs will be discussed.
The Safety Officer will put you in contact with the Flight Instructor who best fits your flight training needs.

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